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Since 2018 we sailed in differents seas and finally we settled in Hong Kong where we are living on land, for now.

In 2010 we started our sailing adventure in the Guarapiranga lake, in São Paulo - Brazil, since then, we sailed in very different areas and on many different boats. Some of the places we visited were: Qatar, New Zealand, Australia (lake), USA, Europe sailing in Croatia from 2018 to 2021 when we moved to live on board for 2 years where we navigated to Italy, Montenegro, Grécia and Turkey.

In 2023 we decided to go back to land and we are now living in Hong Kong where we are also sailing a lot and already thinking places to explore on this side of the world.

The testimonials below were from the time we were receiving families on board as part of a sailing experience we were offering.


Staying a week on a sailboat in Croatia was a plan discovered just before the pandemic. In our itinerary for this trip, we decided to make this dream come true and chance took us aboard the Trouble Maker in Montenegro. There was a feeling that it wouldn't be right there, but upon arriving at the marina near Tivat, a remarkable moment unfolded. We installed ourselves on the boat and within minutes we felt part of the crew, sharing tasks that we had never actually performed before. It was a week learning sailing that we hadn't tried in over 20 years, cooking together on board and getting to know amazing local restaurants. Tiago, Mari, Giovanni and Manu welcomed us with great affection and gave us the security of a great tour. And in the mornings that I went up to the deck alone doing some activities on the computer, Snow would sit next to me and follow along. Not to mention Tiago's daring to let me pilot the dinghy with Regina and Giovanni in a beautiful blue cave that formed a tunnel. Adrenaline a thousand! Hiking in Kotor Castle, a surprisingly beautiful bay that we never thought we'd see before. I would spend hours talking about these days, which will forever be in our memories. Good winds and see you soon, Trouble Maker!

— Regina and Vilson Araujo, Brazil

We spent a week aboard the Trouble Maker, along with the Bertalot family.
It was an incredible experience. In addition to the natural beauties of places never imagined in Croatia, we were able to experience what it is like to live on board. Tiago, Mari and their children, Giovanni and Manu, made everything richer and more welcoming. Long conversations, exchanges of experiences and much more. Not even talk about the eating and drinking!!!. Each left a personal mark on the other's life. And at the end of the day, that's what counts.
In addition to all this, we were able to count on the sailing skills and techniques that were shared and exercised throughout the trip. Much appreciated and we recommend it to everyone!

— George and Marlei, Brazil

"Tiago is a great human being and an excellent professional!  From the first day I met him, he was always very caring, empathetic and patient.  With great attention to details, he always seeks to meet expectations and questions with dedication and straight to the point.  His advice is being fantastic and I see a lot of knowledge and ownership in everything he says and does!"

"We bought the boat with Tiago and we had all his support and availability. Helped with the transfer, insurance, planning of first crossings, life experience on board, among others. Always approachable and kind."

— Paola, Psychologis, Brazil

— Marcio, Airline Pilot, South Korea

“My wife Paola and I had been thinking about buying a sailboat in Europe for some time, but it's possible that it all remained a dream if we hadn't met this amazing couple. Tiago is one of the most excited people about life on board I've ever met, he has the ability to transform the most complex process into something simple and objective. Inestimable not only the help he has given us and is providing us, but especially the friendship we have created and that I hope we will carry with us for the rest of our lives...”

— Rodrigo, Doctor, Brazil

"We recently met Tiago and his family and were immediately warmed by his welcome and generosity. Tiago is easy going and very knowledgeable on travel and all things sailing and boating.  Its’ been great consulting with him about weather, battery management, motor maintenance and general boat maintenance topics.  Through his Mediterranean sailing and holiday expertise he helped us plan our winter season giving us great advice about travelling between and around Italy and Croatia. We ended up entrusting our home, a Jeanneau 53 to him while we holidayed away for three months.  Tiago made our decision to leave our boat that much easier when he volunteered to keep an eye on it.  Since then he has gone above and beyond looking after it and we are indebted to him for putting our minds at ease."

— David, IT Specialist and Adventurer, Australia

Tiago played an important role in this new journey that we plan to start soon.
We are grateful for the guidance and clarifications regarding all the processes and information of the nautical environment that helped us in the purchase of our own sailboat. These information will keep helping us now and in the future, being very relevant and often very difficult to find, he always brought it with good will and affection.

— Fernando, Arline Pilot, Dubai

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